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What does the wooden flooring in your Kent CT1 home actually need? You may be able to see some obvious areas of damage but chances are you aren’t 100% sure of the exact services you may need. That’s where we can help. At the Kent Floor Sanding company we can offer a wide range of services to suit all wooden floors of all levels of disrepair. Below is a closer look at some of our services and how we can work with you to get the best out of your wooden flooring.


​The heart of our business, floor sanding is the first step in regenerating a tired and worn wooden floor. Our floor sanding services in Kent are carried out once any repairs have been dealt with and we utilise cutting-edge, market-leading machinery to complete our works. The top layers of your wooden flooring will be sanded down, revealing the fresh, natural face of the lower levels. We can provide our Kent sanding services on hardwood, softwood and parquet tiled flooring. 


A full restoration is a big job, but it’s one that certainly reaps rewards. There are few pleasures as great as admiring your newly restored wooden floor, thanks to the Kent CT5 Floor Sanding company. Our service begins with a full assessment of the flooring and then a recommendation on the steps to go forward. The project will begin with removing the damaged areas and starting, where necessary, from scratch to return the beauty to your damaged floor.


A repair job is usually a precursor to a sand and finish. Our expert Kent floor sanding professionals will mean removing or resetting boards which have come loose or are damaged and then working on the larger job. Tackling smaller problems head on removes the stresses which could occur when these small damages become larger issues.


There are plenty of finishing options to choose from when using the Kent Floor Sanding company. Once the repairs and sanding work is complete your desired finish could be anything from a traditional wax or oil to a varnish or stain. We use only eco-friendly finishing products for the benefit of the environment and to keep chemicals out of your property. Varnish is your best bet for high traffic areas, whilst traditional oiling or staining helps to bring out the beauty of your floor.


​A stain can be a truly effective way of finishing your wooden floor. The range of stains utilised by us at the Kent ME14 Floor Sanding company are selected because of their non-toxicity, keeping harmful chemicals out of your home. There is a wide range of shades to choose from, too. Some are vibrant and really light up a room whilst others simply bring out the natural beauty of your wooden floor.


Our parquet floor sanding services in Kent are popular because we understand the complex and delicate nature of working with parquet. We recognise the need to a deft and gentle approach to complete the sanding process on your parquet flooring and all our professional Kent floor sanding specialists are trained in dealing with this particular type of floor.


Uncovering a damaged parquet floor can be a little soul destroying but there is always hope. Full parquet floor restoration is carried out by our expert Kent floor sanding professionals regularly, and we have the experience in our team to ensure your floor can be restored to its former brilliance. 


​A repair to a parquet floor is a lot less intensive and time consuming than a full restoration. Our Kent floor sanding experts can remove and replace damaged tiles with the delicacy and care that parquet demands. The expertise our Kent flooring specialists offer guarantee a repaired floor, better than before.


​Hardwood flooring requires regular polishing to maintain its natural shine and finish. We recommend your domestic wooden floors are polished at least every two years and business floors, where traffic is higher, are polished at least once a year. Our London floor sanding specialists are experienced in carrying out buffering and polishing services for clients of all sizes.


Gaps will naturally appear in your wooden floor over time, it’s inevitable. However, you do not need to live with them as they can prove a nuisance both as a household hazard but also from an energy efficiency perspective. The Kent Floor Sanding company use a combination of resin, silvers and silicon to fill the gaps between your floorboards and this process is carried out as standard during any sanding or polishing service.


​Keeping your wooden floors in the best condition doesn’t have to be a struggle. Aside from your regular cleaning processes you will need to consider regular polishing too. Wood is a malleable material, which means it succumbs easily to wear and tear. So an effective maintenance plan is important. We recommend utilising our Kent floor polishing services at least once every two years in domestic properties and more frequently in business properties, approximately once a year. Small repairs should be dealt with immediately so that they don’t turn into a major problem. Whether it’s a tiny crack or something larger, our Kent floor sanding experts are happy to help.


There is nothing that exudes class in a business environment like a fully restored and finished wooden floor – but only if it’s kept to pristine standards. Preparing your Kent commercial premises flooring for business will require professional sanding services. Our services guarantee a complete and finished floor for your business premises with a range of different finishes to choose from. We also understand the need to work to your business hours and can provide our services outside of office hours for your convenience.


The school holidays are the perfect time to bring in the Kent Floor Sanding company. The heavy traffic in a school often means sanding is needed quite frequently to guarantee the floors look stunning for the start of each term. Our Kent floor sanding experts are more than happy to work in the holidays to get your floors ready for term-time use. We use of the most advanced technology and equipment to avoid the spread of dust and are flexible in our business hours to incorporate your school’s needs.


We pride ourselves in being a green, eco-friendly Kent company. Our floor finishing products are chosen because they’re both eco-friendly and non-toxic. This provides a non-chemical environment for our customers and also protects our environment. Our finishes and seals come in a wide range of shades and types to cater to wide range of tastes and our expert wooden floor knowledge means we can make recommendations for the benefit of your flooring.